I have been working with small businesses in arts, education, and agriculture since I was a child.

My experience ranges from creative design to business management, from strategic planning to financial analysis. 

With an extreme passion in supporting entrepreneurs, I taught myself cosmetic coding and have been designing websites pro bono for over 10 years.

Beginning in 2016, I consult with what I call “passion-based” or "artisan-based" small businesses. This descriptor is very broad for a specific reason - Everyone deserves to be successful in the business sense, even if they don't have the technical business background or experience.

There is currently a disconnect between the "professional business" world and the arts community. There is this assumption that you pick to either

  1. be "successful" in the financial sense by selling out or leaving the arts to hobbies
  2. live for your art, starve forever, and share a studio apartment with three other people


You can be successful financially as a legitimate business without "selling out". And I want to help you in any way that I can.